CBM13 - Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting - Toulouse 2019

Carbohydrate Bioengineering is recognized today as a pillar of biotechnology and biological engineering. It offers major assets to face many of our modern life challenges, promote innovative medical treatments or elaborate functional food, biopharmaceuticals, active cosmetics, biomaterials, to name just a few. In particular, researches in glycobiology, multi-omic data integration, structure/function relationships, enzyme engineering, biocatalysis, biophysics and process development are key drivers to expand opportunities in this field. More than ever, knowledge between carbohydrate players must be shared and crossing and bridging the disciplinary boundaries are essential to open new horizons of developments for the benefit of all. 

This will be the objective of the 13th edition of the renowned Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting (CBM), which will be held in Toulouse from May 19 to May 22th 2019. In keeping with the previous CBMs, the conference will bring together glycoscientists coming from all over the world to share their latest findings and most exciting achievements in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Experts from research institutions or private companies will open each session, which will be followed by presentations selected from submitted abstracts.


The following topics will be covered: 

  • Carbohydrate structure & complex carbohydrate-based matrices 
  • Polysaccharide metabolism & carbohydrate transport
  • Omics and CAZyme discovery
  • Mechanisms, structure-function relationships and dynamics of CAZymes
  • CAZyme engineering and computer-assisted design
  • Enzymes for carbohydrate synthesis and modification
  • Auxiliary activities enzymes & carbohydrate esterases
  • Glycobiotechnologies 

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Key Dates

November 2018: Abstract submission & registration open

February 4th 2019: Extended deadline abstract submission for oral presentations - CLOSE

March 4th 2019: Extended deadline for early bird registration

March 24th 2019: Deadline abstract submission for flash communications and posters

April 28th 2019: Registration close

May 19th - 22th 2019: CBM13 conference

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